Easton Baptist Academy
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Our Mission

The Easton Baptist Academy is an integral ministry of First Baptist Church of Easton. The membership of our church believes that God has directed them into investing in the future of our homes, our church, and our country as we train tomorrow’s leaders today in the persons of our children. Since the school is such a ministry, its Administration is the same as the Church Administration and it will contain the same Doctrine and Philosophy of the First Baptist Church of Easton. EBA is under the authority of the Bible, the Constitution of First Baptist Church of Easton and is directly amenable to the Pastor(s) and the Board of Deacons.
   In Luke 2:52, we find that Jesus increased in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man. This four-fold development of Christ is set before us as an example of the development of our children. First of all, Jesus increased in wisdom, which has to do with intellectual and academic maturity. Academic excellence will certainly be one of the goals we shall strive for as it is our conviction that a diploma from Easton Baptist Academy should assure the young person the he/she is equipped to handle the next phase of life as God would lead them. The second area in which Jesus Christ matured was in stature which has to do with His physical body. We intend to provide plenty of needed exercise and activity to help them grow physically. The third aspect of Christ’s growth was His spiritual growth as He grew in favor with God. We will have daily Bible classes and weekly chapels during which the student will hear Bible preaching and teaching.
   The last aspect of Christ’s growth was social; He grew in favor with men. Our school will help the home in the social development of its children. There will be numerous opportunities for social interaction of the young people as they enjoy being around other Christians.
   It is our conviction that a church ministry should not live under the standards of state, administratively or functionally, but rather that it should live above these standards and set the pace and the standards in all four of the areas that have been mentioned above. It is our ultimate purpose to train young people to see life from God’s point of view. It is our desire that they will grow to love the Lord, to love home and family, to love the local church, that is a Biblical church, and finally to love America. In doing these we believe that the Lord Jesus Christ will also be glorified.