Easton Baptist Academy
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   First Baptist Church of Easton is stepping out in faith to financially start a Christian School. The school will be operated by the tuition paid by the parents and by free-will offerings and gifts of God’s people. We have endeavored to make it possible for those who want their children to have a Christian education to do so within the confines of their budgets-fully trusting that the Lord will provide the monies. At the same time, it is absolutely essential that the families realize it is their responsibility to see that their commitment of tuition payments is made on time. Our church will be putting out each month a set amount to pay for the DVD curriculum (1st of each month). If your tuition does not come in as specified, this money will be coming out of the church treasury. This cannot take place, as it will quickly put the church under. Therefore, the following are our financial rules:

It is expected that each family be at least tithers to First Baptist Church of Easton. (II Cor. 8 &9) or to their own church.

Books are the responsibility of the parents. Book fees are to be paid by July 15th so that books can be ordered early.

Tuition payments are due on 1st of the month (as per your agreement on your registration form) and each month after that through the month of May. Your Tuition payment will be considered delinquent after the 15th of the month and a delinquent penalty of $25.00 will be added to the unpaid balance.